Monday, August 2, 2010


This is what it says, a skaven blog. i come to you writing my first post not actually owning any skaven models. You see, i am very new to warhammer fantasy. I've only played 40k for i guess close to a year now. I've only been to two 40k tourneys so i still consider my self fairly new to table top gaming. I became interested in the Skaven when the new codex came out. I love the machines they have. I can't wait until I get a doomwheel or a screaming bell. I love putting stuff together so those two things should be fun.

Anyway, i had my first real fantasy game. 500 points. My fiance made a 500 list of dwarfs for me to field and he had some beastmen. I felt like i was betraying my ratkin by playing dwarfs but i'm sure they will forgive me. (j/k babe) the rules are very different then 40k in some ways and the exact same in other ways but i think i figured it out. I'm the type of person that i have to play a few games to really get the feel of things. I've got some clan rats ordered at our local store so hopefully i can get some rats put together. For now I'm just reading the skaven codex when i can and referring to the giant 8th edition rule book of doom when i don't under stand something.

My plans for this blog are to talk about army ideas, post paint jobs, talk about game out comes and whatever else involving my skaven army of doom! whaha

until next time.

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  1. Here's to a good long run of both posting and playing. <3