Thursday, September 9, 2010

rats rats and more rats!

Island of Blood is here and i must say, they are some sexy looking rats if rats could be sexy. My fiance and I bought a box and a friend of ours got one too for the sparkly elfs so i traded him my elfs for rats. Today i got a box of Plague Monks in the mail from ebay. Yay for half price models! This weekend i hope to actually paint some. I've been doing a lot of reading on forums about painting because i'm pretty noob at it. I want to paint well but not spend a hour on each model. I hope to maybe have pictures up sometime soon. Played Mordheim Tuesday. It was alright. Not sure if its my thing or not. more later.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The rats have invaded

On Friday my fiance surprised me with a box of stormvermin and a doomwheel. My first skaven models!! I decided to start putting together my stormvermin first since i knew i was going to need them in a 600 point game at our local game store saturday with some friends. I put together the front line for a block of 20 i thought i was going to use. Turns out i made my list on army builder wrong so i had to split up my stormvermin to two blocks of 10. my list was:

warlock engineer
level 2 wizard
pipes of piebald
warp-energy condenser

10 stormvermin
full command
rattling gun

10 stormvermin
full command
rattling gun

20 clan rats (proxyed dwarfs)
full command
rattling gun

I rolled up a 3 and 6 for my spells. Since their wasn't any flying creatures in our game i decided to drop that spell and take warp lightning. With warp lightning and cracks call my ork foe didn't stand a chance. Also this being my second game ever and my first game with my skaven im pretty sure my friend Daniel wasn't being to hard on me. We even had a mysterious forest. He took his black orcs through and rolled a mushroom forest. His wizard decided to take a walk into the mushroom forest to spend two rounds stupid, licking the tree only to stumble out. It was quite amusing. The rattling guns faired quite well. I rolled a good amount of doubles tho and all of them blew up from misfire.
I came home to finish my stormvermin and decided not to put the wepons on them yet since it blocks the body and will make it hard to paint them. I've started reading Grey Seer by C L Werner and in the book they describe an elite group of stormvermin who have white fur so i was thinking about painting the fur white. I have read that white fur is usually for the grey seer's them selfs so i might just might be traditional. The real question is what color do i want the armor to be. Pictures to come when i figure out how i want them painted.
We havn't bought any clan rats yet because when the box set comes out im going to be swimming in them. With two boxes our selfs and a friend of ours is getting it for the high elfs and im trading my high elfs to him for the skaven. All kinds of skaveny goodness. I do think im going to see about getting a few rattling guns. They worked well and are a cheep weapons team.

Well i believe that is all for now.

Monday, August 2, 2010


This is what it says, a skaven blog. i come to you writing my first post not actually owning any skaven models. You see, i am very new to warhammer fantasy. I've only played 40k for i guess close to a year now. I've only been to two 40k tourneys so i still consider my self fairly new to table top gaming. I became interested in the Skaven when the new codex came out. I love the machines they have. I can't wait until I get a doomwheel or a screaming bell. I love putting stuff together so those two things should be fun.

Anyway, i had my first real fantasy game. 500 points. My fiance made a 500 list of dwarfs for me to field and he had some beastmen. I felt like i was betraying my ratkin by playing dwarfs but i'm sure they will forgive me. (j/k babe) the rules are very different then 40k in some ways and the exact same in other ways but i think i figured it out. I'm the type of person that i have to play a few games to really get the feel of things. I've got some clan rats ordered at our local store so hopefully i can get some rats put together. For now I'm just reading the skaven codex when i can and referring to the giant 8th edition rule book of doom when i don't under stand something.

My plans for this blog are to talk about army ideas, post paint jobs, talk about game out comes and whatever else involving my skaven army of doom! whaha

until next time.